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  1. Neighbours 1998 is perfect and I thought wouldn’t like because first year without Helen but loving it  and sitll miss her not being in 1998 season as really feels something missing. 

  2. Neighbours 1998 is so cool!. 

    1. Bretto


      What do you think of Hannah?

    2. james laurie

      james laurie

      I like her character 

    3. raluca


      1998 is even better!  :)

  3. Watching Lou in 90s reminds me on what great character he was!. 


    I just hated way he  was treated in his last decade.

  4. Had a dream last night of Madge saying how on earth did such a mad woman like Morag Bellingham become a judge.

  5. I wish we got to see Mrs Mangel play grandma to Toby and Sky!.

  6. I would love to had seen Hilary Robinson  and Faye Hudson in screen together.  I just can imagine Hilary calling Faye Common Nutcase!. 

    1. Bretto


      HILARY: You are a common nutcase, Faye Hudson!

      FAYE: Take a hike, Snobby Poppins!

  7. I wish we got to see Mrs Mangel and Dorothy in screen together.

  8. Watching 1987 Neighbours its Prue Amazing as always.

  9. Given you Sydneysider I thought u be fan of H&A! 

    1. J Bar

      J Bar

      Wash your mouth out. :p Never.

  10. thanks for Steph video on spoiler forum!

  11. becoming apart of way to many forums on internet!

  12. can't belive we only month til xmas!!!!

  13. who thinks Chris and Kyle would make hot couple?.

  14. Went to Melbourbne this week and had change to see Neighours but I decied I reather see S&D set!

  15. 21 today becoming so old

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Graham


      Happy Birthday! :-)

    3. Hawker


      Hope you had a great birthday! :)

    4. MHD


      I've never understood why some people think 21 is 'getting old'.

  16. After watching 1985 of Neighbours I have to say I really like oringal Soctt but Jason Scott will always be Scott to me!

    1. CodyWillisFan92


      funny how no one remembers Darius Scott...


  17. neighbours is watchable again but it just doset feel like Neighbours or maybe I just what 2004 neighbours back?.


    1. markb


      I completely agree. Nearly April already?!

    2. iank


      Ridiculous, isn't it? I'm sure time is speeding up. :(

  19. was Carla nice person?.

  20. 80s Neighbours is so gold.I miss small town feeling with Neighbours

  21. Does anyone hope Lyn returns one day?.

  22. I really miss Willis family much as I love kenndenys

  23. feeling gumpy in moring and now iam feeling down

  24. I just can't keep secrents lol

  25. Neighbours is getting boring!

    1. Dingo x

      Dingo x

      Agreed. It's still funny but the storylines aren't that good atm.

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