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  1. Welcome back!!  :)

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    2. Bagpuss


      Hello board! Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf, Sal x

    3. twinkles


      Hello everyone, it's good to have you all back.  Thanks, Sal it's great :)


    4. Pauly83


      Thanks Sal, Great Work, The Board is looking great,

  2. How to celebrate 30 years of Neighbours? By watching the 1997 finale, of course. :D

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    2. Snugglepie


      Sounds good you guys but how do you find all these episodes?

    3. Graham


      A lot of people have episodes they recorded from the BBC or UK Gold or have bought via the official DVD releases. :-)

    4. Neighboursfan1982


      I still have some 1995 and 1998 episodes on VHS which I taped at the time.

  3. I really love how status updates look when you hover over a name on the active users list. The user info pane looks awesomesauce.

    1. neighbours fan 1986

      neighbours fan 1986

      OK I know I am a great hater of the Like button, but statuses is the one place I would actually like one (I know I'm a hypocrite)In the man time "Like"

    2. Hawker


      I've got to admit, there is a wonderful irony in there being a like button for practically every aspect of the board...but not the most obvious area!


      Head. Wall. Bang. etc. ;)

    3. neighbours fan 1986

      neighbours fan 1986

      LOL, It makes you wonder what the developers were smoking at the time they were developing the board. :D

  4. *scrolls down* I appear to be repeating myself. ;)

  5. Why, I like your profile picture. :D

  6. Hmm, crikey - what's going on there?! (Testing to see if it does it on your profile...)

  7. Need a resolution? Why not help with our episode archive? Read the announcement for more details, or get in touch with me or Sayaka for more info. :)

  8. Reindeer cakes ftw!

  9. I am aware the board is loading slowly - you can stop e-mailing me and PM-ing me now. :p I am trying to get it sorted.

  10. was meant to turn 27 this week...I currently feel 67 after this week's shenanigans. :p

    1. Jeffiner


      Given everything you had to try and sort I'm surprised you don't feel older!

    2. Jeffiner


      Given everything you had to try and sort I'm surprised you don't feel older!

  11. Don't post spoilers in the status bar!!!

  12. I popped on to say, "Great photo!" - but I think I need to add, "GREAT T-shirt!!!" :D

  13. I got your Christmas card today!!! :D

  14. ...and now we have "like" on statuses too. :D

  15. has upgraded the board...but is still working on things :)

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    2. Atli


      That's a neat feature!

    3. Hawker


      Yeah, it was one of the things that convinced me we should upgrade...just makes the sidebar much more useful!

    4. Bagpuss
  16. will be upgrading the board soon - please read the announcement for more info :)

  17. re: your status - good on ya, mate! :D

  18. :o @ your profile pic. Poor Spot! :(
  19. No worries about adding me. :) Yeah, I've really enjoyed watching Glee - it's a great new show!

    I really like your profile btw; it's a good read. :)

  20. Being a Gleek is catching, I think! I can't stop playing Gold Digger on my iPod. :D

  21. Are you sure? You're definitely showing as female on my screen...

  22. Hawker

    Thanks mate - glad you're liking it! :D

  23. Haw haw haw, I just couldn't be arsed filling in all of the stages! :D

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