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  3. Anyone else finding the forum really slow this week?
  4. Congrats on reaching 10,000 Likes @Skylover 😀

    1. Skylover


      Haha thanks mate! 

  5. I saw one the other day but I had been replying a bit, so thought it might be more that, but otherwise none for ages.
  6. Have you been seeing fewer of these messages of late?
  7. Amazing that you had so many of the episodes to summarise them.
  8. Yeah, that's right - we've been having a little bit of a push at 1994 as well, although it's harder work (for lots of reasons). I think we've done 11 so far, but there's plenty to go. I think that 1998 episode might cause us a bit of grief, as I think from my notes that I missed it when it was aired on UKGold.
  9. Well done, so is it just 91 from 1994 and one episode of 1998 to go aside from this year?
  10. Even I know about 95 being bad, and I haven't watched the show at that point.
  11. In fairness, I stopped watching in 99. 95 is by far the worst year of the 90s (and very disappointing too, as the show is so good in the early and late 90s) - but given that there's been two decades of episodes since then, I'm certain there's been far far worse in the intervening years. We just like moaning about 95.
  12. In 2008-2009 it was pretty appalling IMO, from the bits I've seen. But I didn't actually watch the show consistently in those years, whereas I did watch all of 1995. However I was probably less discerning at that age!
  13. So was 1995 the absolute low point for Neighbours? Was it ever as bad afterwards?
  14. That's how I feel about 1995 too. If you watch a single episode, there will be individual moments which are enjoyable and you'll find yourself wondering 'how bad could it have been really?' - but if you have to watch it day-in, day-out, it all quickly becomes tedious and those individual bright moments are not enough to sustain you through the season. Whereas other episodes are much more consistent - they're more enjoyable through lots of storylines, and not just reliant on one story or one set of characters to make the episode worth watching.
  15. Although the 95 ep I summarised wasn't as bad as I was expecting. Not brilliant, but there were still good moments. But even then 96 was so much better by comparison.
  16. It was much more enjoyable, I have to admit!
  17. Well done everyone, although after doing 1995, 1996 must have felt like spoiling yourselves by comparison.
  18. Fantastic work. Thank you 🙂
  19. Fab. You're all amazing well done.
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