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Upgrade - 22/09


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Hi, There's been quite a major upgrade to the board today. As well as some cosmetic changes, you will notice some new features - for example, some popular threads now have a summary of topic

Thanks @Hawker, all looks great to me! One thing I almost asked about (but then found) is that the option to edit posts is now on the top right of the post as one of the options in the 'three dot

Thank you for your feedback.  I'm sorry to read that you are not a fan of the change. I have said further up the thread that I will keep an eye on the developments from Invision, and if there is

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Not sure if this is my fault?

 Since the update I can read a thread (example: I’m on post 10 or 10) then later I go back to the thread and find I’m at a different place in the thread (say post 4 of 10). 

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That's awesome to hear, thanks @J Bar 😁

@boatmate - that sounds a bit odd.  Can you check your settings under this link, please?  https://www.neighboursfans.com/forum/settings/links/

I have mine set to 'take me to comments I haven't read' - can you check that yours are set to something suitable?  

If there's no joy, it might be worth clearing the cache and cookie for the site in your browser to see if that puts things back into line.  

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The ‘mark forum as read’ function doesn’t seem to be working now on my phone (laptop is fine). It was working immediately after the upgrade but not in the last few days. Wonder if it’s my phone that’s the issue. Hmmm! 

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@Starmaker73 - can you do the same, and clear the cache and cookies for the site on your phone browser?  That should put it back into line.  :)

@boatmate - great, glad that worked for you!  No, there's not currently the option to mute a member.  

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There's another small issue that I've been struggling with, Sal @Hawker.

The Edit option was at the bottom of the post next to Quote. It has now moved to a drop down menu in More Options top right (...).

I keep hitting the Quote button and making the changes, then saving it. So I end up with a second post and then I can't delete it. I've noticed a few other people are doing the same thing and we're seeing double posts until a moderator deletes it.

I'm sure we'll eventually get used to it but to save on errors, any chance we can have the Edit feature restored to the bottom of a post?

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@J Bar Hey Jim, I've been having a puzzle over this - it's definitely an unfortunate side effect of the move of the feature.  

I understand the logic of why it's been moved, and due to how the post controls are linked into it (it's also where the moderator privileges sit), it's impossible to extricate.

...but would it help if I gave members permissions to hide your own content?  Then at least you could 'get rid' of the mistake so the rest of the board can't see it, and the Staff can sweep the posts away when they log on?  

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