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Board and Show Anniversaries


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As most of you are aware, today is Neighbours' 26th birthday.


I think some of you will be aware that today is also NeighboursFans.com's birthday - and this is our 6th year online.


...and of course, a few of you will know that we aren't 6 years old - we're 11 years old (celebrating 12 in November!), but we've now tipped the balance...we've been NeighboursFans.com for longer than we were Erinsborough. Crikey.


I can't think of an awful lot to say this year. There's the usual thanks - to Janet, to the Staff, to the Contributors and, of course, to you guys for coming on and chattering away everyday.


I would talk a bit more about the board, but as many of you know, my progress on it has been halted due to some offline things...hopefully I'll get chance to have a splurge at it soon. (This is the first time in our history that we've had the IPBoard banner at the top of the forum!)


We've got 15 years completed in our summary archive - NeighboursEpisodes.com, which out of 26 years, is pretty good going! We're very nearly at 86% completed...which is an astonishing achievement, and something that when I was sitting here 6 years ago trying to sort out moving the forums to a new server, I could never have envisaged.


For once, I'm at a loss of what to say....so er, over to you! The usual comments, cheers, complaints etc all welcomed. :)


Thanks for visiting, and here's to another brilliant year!

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Happy Birthday Board and Happy Birthday Neighbours! I'm so glad there's not a counter that shows how much time I've spent on here, but hey! It keeps me off the streets ;



Thanks for giving us an online home Sal, and for all the work you and the other staff do to keep it going :D

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Congratulations Sal and everyone who makes this place the success that it is! I'm sure it takes a lot of work, patience, dedication and teamwork to make this place run so seamlessly, so thank you for keeping it going. I hope there are many more birthdays to come. :celebrate:

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There's the usual thanks - to Janet, to the Staff, to the Contributors and, of course, to you guys for coming on and chattering away everyday.

Aww, thanks mate. It's my absolute pleasure. :)


I can't believe it's been 6 years already though - where has the time gone?!

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Crikey, older now than E.com...if only I had saved a penny for every minute I have spent on each site :)


As ever, a BIG thanks to Sal and all the contributors and my fellow posters.

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Hurrah for us!! Huge thanks to Sal and all the fab people who keep this site on the straight and narrow and make it what it is. I quite simply can't imagine life without.


For the endless discussions about the present (be it Neighbours, the book I'm reading at the moment or the football) the sharing of memories (be it of Ramsay Street's 'Golden Years' or our favourite children's TV show) and for the friendships made, thank you so very much.

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Happy Birthday to the show & to us! :celebrate:


Like some of you guys have mentioned, this place is like a home away from home and I love spending time on here.


Can't believe N.fans is six, though (and we're 11 all up). Woah. I have no idea what present you'd buy a six-year-old these days so I'll just bring the ice-cream cake ;)

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Happy Birthday show and Happy Birthday board :celebrate::clap:


This is a great milestone to reach!


This site is a great place to come to everyday to just hang out and chat about Neighbours and other stuff. I hope that it will be around for many more years to come!

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