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I'm going to be uploading the next lot of avatars (no promise that I will get them all done today; just trying to get most of them up, and then I'll hopefully finish the last few off in about a fortnight).


Can you all see the avatar gallery?




If you click on the avatars folder, you should reach:




Then the avatars should be sorted into families.


Are you all able to select an avatar from there?


Any troubles, let me know.


Any desperate requests for certain families...shout them out here. :)

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Yes Sal, that's how the view new content thread looks to me.


The avatars don't appear on the main page besides the most recent post - and beside the reply box I'm writing in here it says 'eviltwin's photo' which I guess shouldn't be there either.


I'd take pictures but it seems too complicated for me at this time of night.


ETA: Thanks for all your work with the avatars Sal. So pleased the Timmins family ones were up there so quickly :)

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I went through those steps. The change button appeared and then I had the options to adjust crop or select 'use a custom photo'. Then the two buttons I could press were 'remove photo' and 'done.' The done button wouldn't work, so I selected 'use a custom photo' and then pressed done. Nothing seems to have changed though.

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Hi Sal I noticed that my avatar has changed but I want to change it to another one now with Paul as I used the Timmins family as an example to see whether it was working or not last night.


If there is a way to change this new avatar that I've nominated from the avatars section of the forum I'll really appreciate it. By the way you've done a great job so far addressing everyone's needs.


EDIT: All good now. I've got the preferred avatar now :)

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