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Are there any Christmassy Avatars anywhere? I am prob. being a bit dim but I don't seem to be able to find any! I would like to change mine to something a bit more festive, if possible. If they haven't been uploaded then don't worry.


Assuming you can see the same screen as I can, if you click on "Avatars" at the top of the forum, you will see "christmas" in the tags at the right hand side. I've just tagged the ones I could find.

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For contributors and above:

Click on the arrow next to your name (top right-hand of screen) which gives a drop-down box - select 'My Profile' - then hover the cursor over your avatar and a box stating 'change' should appear. Click on that which should take you to the option... I think!

For members:


You need to click on 'avatars' in the toolbar along the top of the forum and select one that way then click options and 'set as photo'. :)

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I'm having a bit of a problem with my avatar. I wanted to change from Santa Matt to Fireworks Matt, to mark today's occasion, but I keep getting an error message. Screenshot in the tags. I thought perhaps I'd need to remove the current avatar so that's what I did, but now I can't add the new avatar, nor the previous two I've had, I always get the same message. Is it behaving like this for anyone else? I'm using the "For contributors and above" method from Janet's post.




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14 hours ago, Tracy C said:

You can't (there is an issue behind the scene with the board software), but if you ask very nicely, a management angel might be able to help sort you out!


Who in particular? I'd really like my Timmins brothers avatar back if you can do that ❤️  

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