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  4. Can you please stop bumping threads for no reason?

  5. Wonder if Davo would stand up for me? lol

  6. Hi mate, I'm really sorry to continually pester you but there's something I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on, when you have the time. You make insightful posts which I enjoy reading and always have a interesting perspective .





    I made that thread months ago and you state that Tyler had confidence issues which was reflected through his interactions with women. I was just hoping you could elaborate on that (when you feel up to it :blushing:)


    Its just that I've usually viewed him as confident when engaging with women and he's my fave character so I'm disappointed he's left, talking about him makes me feel better.

  7. hi mate, love to hear your thoughts in this thread :)



  8. Would love to see memorable uploads such as the 2004 Lassiters Fire. Sure it's not HD but I would love to see Neighbours upload it to youtube.

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    2. CodyWillisFan92


      I'd stopped watching by 2007 anyway so I'm not fussed but I feel for fans of that era :)

    3. Rachmc09


      I wasn't a real fan as I was a fan of the FunBus era but it helped me watch something different to pass the time.

    4. CodyWillisFan92


      maybe they'll stop being so anal about rights one day so we'll both get the eras we want :) 

  9. What's on my mind? Ben's hairy legs. SO HAIRY!

  10. might launch my other fic tonight where Bev and I fall in love, after we both have bad break ups if you're interested ;) 

  11. I am running a quick reindex on all of the posts though, just rebuilding all of the search set up - so if the speed feels more sluggish than usual, that's all it is. It'll be done in a couple of hours, but I didn't want to yank us offline, so it's just running in the background.
  12. Hi, Just a note to say that I upgraded the forums this evening. A few bits and pieces to be done, but hopefully you like the new features and updates. Any questions, hit up this thread and I'll try and address any queries. Many thanks for your patience etc (although I was quick - that was a nice speedy 10 minute installation!).
  13. Happy New Year!

  14. Sorry to start another thread but I couldn't find an open thread to put this in. I just wanted to congratulate and thank everyone who has worked so hard this year and every year to make the Archive Project so successful. The Archive now houses 7608 summaries of the 7750 Episodes that have ever been made, leaving just 142 episodes remaining to summarise! This means that the Summaries Archive is now 98.17% complete, an amazing achievement that everyone who has been involved, especially @Sayaka should be very proud of! You are all part of something very special, voluntarily creating an amazing resource unrivalled by any other group of volunteers I know. Congratulations on reaching the 98% mark! I often read the summaries and look at the capps and I am eternally grateful for the hours of entertainment the archive and this community has brought me over so many years!
  15. I'm waiting for the day they bring back Josh Anderson and Melissa Jarrett

    1. CodyWillisFan92


      you'll be waiting a while :(

  16. happy Christmas 2017

  17. Merry Christmas, everyone!

  18. Merry Christmas!

  19. What did Adam say to his wife at Christmas?  "Its Christmas Eve!" 

  20. I wish we got to see Mrs Mangel and Dorothy in screen together.

  21. hey bud taking idea suggestions for the prequel! feel free to drop me a line if you come up with any! ;) 

  22. December will be... ma hagic again :772_blue_heart:

  23. The advert told me to go to Specsavers so I did!

  24. Watching 1987 Neighbours its Prue Amazing as always.

  25. Seems to be back up now - yay
  26. Hi all - the Episodes Archive is off for a bit - problems on the host end
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