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  3. Happy Gothenburg Day :D 

    1. Atli


      What's that Tracy?

    2. Tracy C

      Tracy C

      11th May is when Aberdeen beat the mighty Real Madrid in the European Cup Winners Cup final in 1983.



  4. Bagpuss

    Awesome achievement. Well done, everyone.
  5. Sayaka

    2018 is now complete! A massive thank you to everyone involved and also thank you to Graham for doing such great caps to go with them!
  6. Thank you so much for the Thursday spoilers Sam! :)

    I guess we'll be relying on you from now on, since for me Digiguide just endlessly repeats "Australian soap which follows the daily lives, romances and problems, of several families who live in the fictional Ramsay Street..." :(

    1. IAreSam


      No worries. I'll try and remember to check for the following week on Thursday. Hopefully it's just a temporary blip where the website was delayed in receiving the new data. :D

  7. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 OMG at tonight’s game!

  8. YES!!!!! 🔴🔴🔴

  9. Neighbours 1998 is perfect and I thought wouldn’t like because first year without Helen but loving it  and sitll miss her not being in 1998 season as really feels something missing. 

  10. I'm being stupid but how do I change my photo from a  capital N ? 😁

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    2. Tracy C

      Tracy C

      There is instructions kicking around in the comments area on how its done.

    3. Tracy C

      Tracy C

      Sorry just realised there is an issue with avatars, you'll need to put up with the N a bit longer.

    4. neighboursnat


      Thank you, I haven't seen that. Oh well,at last it's a nice green colour 😃

  11. Favourite friendships?? Mine were: Steph & Libby // Rachel & Bree // Rosie & Pepper // Stingray & Boyd // Donna & Bridget & Rachel // Summer & Bree // Oliver & Frazer // Ringo & Declan // Connor & Stuart & Toadie // Carmella & Elle. 

  12. Neighbours 1998 is so cool!. 

    1. Bretto


      What do you think of Hannah?

    2. james laurie

      james laurie

      I like her character 

    3. raluca


      1998 is even better!  :)

  13. When you change your profile picture and then wonder who has made the comment as you don't recognise the profile picture...

    1. Atli


      It's a great Chloe profile picture you have there :D 

  14. Clare

    Congratulations and well done @Tracy C ! Thank you for all your hard work.
  15. neighbours fan 1986

    @Tracy C Congratulations on completing your 1,000th Summary! and thank you for the hours of entertainment you must have given me over the years, I must have read at least 1,000 summaries since I joined NeighboursFans.com so it's fair to say a large chunk of them must have been yours. So once again Congratulations and Thank You.
  16. Hawker

    Should be ok now, thanks for your patience whilst we resolved it.
  17. Graham

    There have been a few problems with the site in the past few days, which we're aware of. It will hopefully be back up soon.
  18. baddrummer

    Does anyone know what has happened to this site? All I get now is "Lithium Hosting".
  19. Have never been able to decide if Darcy Tyler or Izzy Hoyland is my favourite villain. 

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    2. SkylanFan
    3. js2001b1


      I like the episode from 2004 where Izzy had nightmares of Darcy exposing her secret that Karl wasn't the father of her baby and one scene where she imagines Darcy waking up from his coma and telling Karl and Izzy walking in on it and Karl losing it. It looked  a bit like they enjoyed doing that scene together.

    4. SkylanFan


      @js2001b1 I remember that! Such a good moment! 

  20. YES!!!! 🔴🔴🔴

  21. Christmas time.  Mistletoe and wine... Now to go and drink some wine!

  22. Bagpuss

    Well done, Tracy. Great achievement 🙂🏆
  23. Tracy C

    Thanks Gaynor. Them were the days as they say as we tried to work out the Joel/Flick relationship! Or what Emily was up to with blankie!
  24. Sayaka

    @Tracy C recently completed her 1000th summary! Thanks Tracy! I remember those cold winter nights we spent summarising 2001 and condoling with each other over Yahoo Messenger all those years ago!
  25. Watching Lou in 90s reminds me on what great character he was!. 


    I just hated way he  was treated in his last decade.

  26. Much like Kerry, Dee and CamRob, it seems I have a doppelganger. ;) To be specific: I don't and have never posted on the Digital Spy forums. Just wanted to clear that up!

    1. Sayaka


      How weird! A secret fan of yours perhaps?!

    2. wizardt™


      I can only assume so. You know what they say about imitation and flattery :D

  27. Really need to catch up on 2006 season. 2018 is becoming dull.

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