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Neighbours episodes.com not working


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Hi.  Thanks for your post.   We are aware of this problem and it will be fixed in due course.


To anyone else who reads this - please do not keep refreshing the site.  If it's not up when you try, try again the next day.   If I am aware that it's back up, I'll update this post.  :)

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It will not be back up before the weekend and possibly not for a while after. I am on holiday and Sal is working long hours. It is a particularly complex problem and involves the host who is in a different timezone which is making communication long winded.

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I don't think so, @Alicen - if I'm recalling correctly if you sort by title you'll get 1st January first - I don't think it changes the order if you click on title again.  


Edit - can you see 'custom' when you click on sort, or is that an Admin thing? 

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Archive seems to be OK - the host has clearly done something without admitting it, because it's back up with no changes to code from me!


I'm taking the opportunity to do some routine maintenance, so I'm keeping it down for now, but it should be back up shortly after I've finished Try tomorrow morning :) 

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I'll add my thanks to those above. 





I really appreciate the resource and all the work that goes into keeping ti up, running and updated. :) 

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