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NeighboursEpisodes.com - back catalogue complete


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49 minutes ago, Steppenwolf said:

It is an absolutely invaluable reference, and a huge thank you to everyone that ever contributed.

I have a number of episodes that do not have screen captures so would be happy to help fill in any blanks, or replace the earlier episodes with DVD screencaps to replace the VHS ones?

Yes, we would be happy to have you on board - prioritising new ones I think :) Will have a chat to Sal and let you have the directions etc

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Truly amazing, well done to everyone involved. 

Has any other soap got such a detailed and recorded archive as this? I think not.

A great reference, for us, and for those future fans when Neighbours begins a re show on a whole number of tv channels.

Wonderful x

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Congratulations to the whole team for this wonderful achievement 💖

It has been so cool to be a part of, on and off, for nearly twenty years now (holy moly!). And I have to say during the depths of our many Covid lockdowns here in Melbourne, having a task to look forward to each week was an absolute godsend for my sanity! :lol: 

So proud of everyone! What an incredible resource we have.

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Whenever I want to find out some random bit of trivia about Neighbours my first stop is the Neighbours archive.

Just this morning I wanted to find out which episode Declan no. 2 first appeared.

So thank you very much for this resource, it's been my go to place since I joined the forum in 2005 (and probably even before then).

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