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Neighboursfans 4th anniversary


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Well, today is the 18th of March and that means that Neighbours is a grand old 24 years old today, and we're celebrating the 4th year of our re-name (as you ancient types will know, these forums are now 8 years old). It's ever so slightly surreal to think that we've been going for half of our time now under our Neighboursfans branding!


We're running a competition this year, so if you fancy your chances, check out our baby competition and see if you can match up us as board members now to how we looked at about 4 years old.


I think this is the first year where my recap is rather quiet. The board itself has stayed fairly constant over the past year or so, and this is mostly because I put some huge brakes on with my plans back in September when it appeared that a new release of Invision was imminent. Unfortunately, it ended up being held back (it's still in production now), so no changes have happened on here at all...


...but that does mean that next year, we'll be in for lots of changes...so hold onto your hats! :noes:


However, it has been a bit of a milestone year for us. We reached 20,000 members in December 2008, and our spin off site Neighbours Episodes reached two big milestones - 4000 episodes and 30,000 screencaps.


(In case you're curious, we now have 20,980 members, 4145 summaries and 31618 screencaps.)


As always, I am massively indebted to my wonderful team of Staff members for their tireless work on here, to the Contributors for their huge efforts with the summaries and screencaps, to Gaynor for her constant enthusiasm and hard work with our summaries site - Neighbours Episodes - and of course, to all of you guys!


This site is made by the people who log on here and share their ideas, opinions, thoughts and stories...so thanks to every single one of you. You rock! :D


As I always say, I'm interested to hear what you guys think about what we offer - if there's something you'd like to see changed, or something you think we should have a crack at, shout up and let me know. Have a think about what you'd change if you were in charge - new ideas are always welcomed! There is stuff in the pipeline...we're just waiting on that new software!


All the best, everyone - and here's to another great year! :beer:

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Happy 4th Birthday NFANS. A huge thanks to all of you who keep it running. :celebrate:

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Happy Birthday to us (and to the show)! Huzzah! :lol:


I'm extremely proud to have been a part of this community for 6 years now. Love it to bits.

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Happy Birthday!


I have an idea :o


With so many episodes summarrised (it would only be 4144 without my efforts ;) ) maybe we could have a classic episode posted (like we do with the current episodes) each week or month in episode discussion or NC for people to discuss and offer their memories or just read about stuff they've never seen?

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:celebrate: Happy birthday to us. And a huge thanks to Sal for running this board. :hug:
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A massive thank you to all those who keep this board running smoothly! :bowdown: I don't contribute much to discussions because I'm not very eloquent, but I do want to thank those who do because it's always fascinating to read what everyone else thinks.

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Happy Birthday NeighboursFans!


I sometimes wonder what I would do with my spare time if this board wasn't here or I hadn't of found it when I did, just want to say thanks to everyone for all the work they put into the site to make it such a great site :D

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Happy Birthday NF.com :celebrate: Thanks so much to Sal and all the rest of the staff for keeping the board running smoothly, and to everyone for making this site so much fun.

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Happy Birthday Neighbours and Neighboursfans.com Well done and thank you to everybody who is involved in making this site what it is.




I thought since we are celebrating 24 years of Neighbours it would be approproate to have a link to The History of Neighbours and since we are also celebrating the 4th birthday of Neighboursfans.com here is a link to The History of Neighboursfans.com and Neighboursepisodes.com

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:celebrate: Happy birthday to us. And a huge thanks to Sal for running this board. :hug:
Ditto to what you've said Sarah. :D



I sometimes wonder what I would do with my spare time if this board wasn't here or I hadn't of found it when I did
Yes its amazing to think of life now without NF.com!
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Happy birthday nf.com! :celebrate: Thanks to Sal for making this place what it is. All your hard work has not gone unnoticed :hug:


I rarely post in the Neighbours section anymore because sadly I stopped watching some time ago but I still love logging on here and reading the spoilers just in case anything picks up my interest and also the Gen Chat section. I spend most time in there.


This is an awesome place :)

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Hurrah for NF.Coma nd I too wish to say a MASSIVE thanks to Sal, G and all the contributors and mods and fellow 'mortals' such as myself for making it my no.1 website.

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Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to ussssss!


Thanks everybody for making this such a wonderful and fun site to be on! :)

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Has it really been 4 years since NF.com was born, man time flys when you are having fun!


Thanks for all your hard work Sal and the rest of the staff in making this the best forum on the web, long may it continue. :)

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:celebrate: Thanks to everyone for a great place that's been part of my life for over 5 years!
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Happy Birthday NeighboursFans! Thank you SO much to everyone who makes this place the fab site it is. And I'm sorry I haven't been around that much recently, but I still love you all!

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Happy birthday NF :celebrate:


Thanks everyone for building up such a great site, and especially the people who have worked hard on the summaries section. It's great being able to read the episodes if you miss one or want to relive an old moment or catch up on history. I've never seen a site like NE.com on any other show, which is a shame actually, but that also makes the site more special.


Keep up the good work everybody.

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Can't believe it's been 4 years since the rebrand, either. Then again, I can't believe I've been on here for nearly 7 years!


Happy birthday nf.com. :celebrate:

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