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If you were on these forums before we changed to NeighboursFans in 2005, you might remember the Quote of the Moment system.


It wasn't available for Invision's new software, so for the past few years, the feature has been absent. However, it's now returned! For those of you who don't know, it's basically a function which puts short quotes underneath the banner and above the posts.


Adding Quotes


You can add quotes by going to the Add a Quote page, which can also be accessed by the "iQuotes" text on the toolbar (next to the Calendar).


When you add a quote, please follow these simple rules:


1. No quotation marks.

2. No code or HTML tags (so no bolding or italic).

3. Don't make up quotes - the board logs who submits quotes, so if you're caught doing it, your quotes won't be approved in future.

4. If you're watching Australian episodes, feel free to submit quotes but they won't be approved until they've aired in the UK so that other viewers aren't spoilt.

5. Please use capital letters for the speaker - e.g. KARL: Hello!

6. Try and make the quotes short and snappy.


Don't fret if your quotes don't immediately appear - they have to be approved by the Staff, which may take a little bit of time.


You can see how it used to be look on the old sites (e.net and e.com) below:




Any questions, problems, comments etc - fire away below. :)

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Any chance an episode number can be attached to each one, or will that prove problematic?

For a lot of them we don't know what the episode number is, so I don't think it will be possible.


You could always put in in brackets after though:


PAUL: xxx

GAIL: xxx

(Episode xxxx)

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