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UPGRADE - 16/09


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Just logged on for the first time today and liking what I see so far :) Going to go and have a wander around to get used to it all.


Thanks for all your hard work Sal, much appreciated :)

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Quick question : is there a hack or option on this version that can tell you how many new posts there are? It just used to save time if you logged in, saw it was at 0, or when at some low number to scan the board and find out the forums.
I must admit I wasn't keen on it when it got installed but you got used to seeing if there was new posts (or not).
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It exists but it's just hidden from view for the moment. I'm a bit torn on what to do over Classic Episodes to be honest.

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I thought I'd logged on to the wrong forum laugh.gif

Ditto / I thought we'd got hacked! I totally forgot about the upgrade and I haven't logged on for a few days!


Looking very nice. My only problem is maroon, grey and white were my school colours so I feel like I'm back to the good (bad) old days ;)

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Looking good, though it's taking a while to get used to it not being blue :lol:.


A question, Sal, will apply to others probably. I use my iPod touch to access the forum a lot and it looks completely different to how it does on Firefox whereas on the old one it looked the same is that part of the new software. It's definitely less graphic intense but (imo) a little hard to find what you're looking for on there as nothing seems to be in any sort of order other than the list of sub-forums. Perhaps other folks who use Safari on the touch / iPhone could shed some more light on it.

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Lara, there's an option at the bottom of the iPhone/Touch version to "Manually choose your theme". By default (on Media Spy) that takes you to the full desktop version of the site. It should then give you those few extra options that the lo-fi version doesn't offer ;)


Looks very nice :)

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At the bottom the only options I have are; Back to top, forum home, delete my cookies and mark board as read. I can't find anything on the "my settings" bit either if such an option should exist :).


In short, really liking the web version, really disliking the default iPhone version :lol:.

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No worries, thanks for bringing it to my attention (and to Andrew for his correct input too :)).


Invision ships as default with a mobile skin forced onto the iPhone, Touch, Blackberry etc and turning it off had totally slipped my mind!

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I only use the Touch for internet / as an organiser, I have no actual music on it :lol:. I much prefer (for the most part) just looking at standard versions of sites on it as opposed to the condensed / lo-fi mobile versions.

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Thanks mate. :)


It's showing as right for me....are your timezone / daylight savings settings correct in your profile?

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Really like the new look!


Thanks for all your hard work Sal :bowdown:

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