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Yes, it's technically the same forum - we carried the member database over.  Bizarre to think that it started in November 2000 (and a few of us were around and talking earlier than that, back in 98/99) and many of us are still here now.  

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Hi,   The server move has been completed and the board should work as expected.    There's still some work to do on the Episodes site, but I may not be able to fix it before this e

Blimey, it is as well!     Nice little archive image for us all - way back in 2005:      

It all looks like it's working well, emojis loading very quickly too as Liam says. Well done for all your hard work Sal    And I realised earlier that with it being 35 years of Neighbours, it

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And some of us are those who found ourselves lost when the BBC board - except you were here and offered us a home, and some of us are still here, all those years later... Thank you. 

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I'm a veritable newcomer - I started lurking after IMDB shut down their discussion forums and delurked a bit later - it would probably have been sooner but I was reading the Digital Spy forums and those are... not a place I would delurk, let's go with that. But I do love that on here we can have discussions and disagreements and still be mostly okay with each other - the mostly is more due to not liking opinions than people for me, and that happens everywhere online.


But I really love discussions on here, it's one of the more calm places I know of generally.

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5 hours ago, Sayaka said:

Approx 17 years for me here! 😮 And I was reading the summaries before that too!

Same for me. 🙂


I love that I have made some real-life GoodFriends™ from here. 😍

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On 29/03/2020 at 23:26, Skylover said:

I keep getting this message when I try and post sometimes. Is the forum booting me off for using it too much? :lol: 

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 23.25.12.png


I sometimes get that one too. It's not a persistent problem. You're just too needy.😜

ETA: Of course sods law dictated that I got that very message when I first attempted to make this very post. 

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It does pop up occasionally, although there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it - it's not forgotten, I've just been busy with work this week.  

I'll try and look at it soon.  :) 

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