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Server Move Complete


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Ah, forget the archive for the moment - it needs quite a bit of work.


I've put the board back online as I want to see how it copes with people using it.  I might take it down again later if the same problems persist.  

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Thanks for your all your efforts, Sal! Don't know it helps for us to post 'symptoms' but the thing I'm getting a lot of is bare-bones, Times New Roman loading:



Also quite a few link clicks that don't register, and not being able to type in reply boxes etc. It had been better today than it was yesterday but seems to have taken a bit of a dip again.


When I've had problems similar to this in the past with websites I've worked on after a server switch, I seem to recall the web server folk I called up on the phone to sort it out saying the PHP version was to blame. But that might not apply in the slightest here, as I'm very far from being an expert! :lol:


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