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7 years and counting


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As some as you know, I've been a bit sick recently - and wasn't even online for the anniversary this year. :o So apologies for the lateness of this...I wasn't going to write one but it seemed strange breaking a board tradition. So er, happy anniversary + 3 days!


Usual stuff first - congratulations to Neighbours for making it to 27 years. It's great to hear the news of some long hoped for DVD releases and hopefully we'll all get chance to reminisce over our favourite seasons over the next few years.


Huge thanks to everyone for visiting and allowing us to reach our 7th birthday as NeighboursFans.com - of course, most of you know that we've been online for 12 years and it's bizarre to think that so many of our regulars have been with us for at least 5 years, and many over a decade! Newbies are always welcome, so feel free to drop in and start chatting. :)


NeighboursEpisodes.com is still going from strength to strength. A huge thank you to all of the current summarisers who keep the archive going, and to all of those who give up their spare time to trawl through history and write up older episodes as well. It's all bulking out really well now, with lots of summaries having their appropriate screencaps - and we've got 16 years fully written up. Hopefully, with a big push, we might be able to break through to the 90% complete barrier over the next year or so - which I know would make a lot of us very proud. :)


With regards to the board itself, I remember when I posted last year, I said that the IPBoard banner at the top of the forums was going to be a stop gap...which was always the intention and then IPBoard made some changes which made me hold off from upgrading. My fears have been slightly allayed by the newest release of the board and you can expect to see some big new features in the next couple of months.


I feel that I must offer huge thanks to Gaynor for her assistance (I can recall one very stressed phone conversation on the eve of my birthday when I was standing in ASDA going, "Zomg!") during the Dreaded Board Meltdown of September 2011. It seems like forever ago now, but I think I gained a few grey hairs from it when it occurred!


As always, I must offer my thanks to my partner in crime, Janet - and all of the Staff who help this place to run smoothly. I've already mentioned the summarisers, but thank you also to all of you who support the site. Thanks to EVERYONE who posts and comes up with content each day - you make the board a pleasure to read, participate in and run...so thank you. :)


Finally, one of my favourite bits of the board in the past few weeks (although I've been really rubbish in the photo challenge - you're all putting me to shame!) has been the 2012 Challenge forum. I know some of you (JA and Col, perhaps?) suggested a refresh of the Getting To Know You area...if you've got any ideas or wants for the forums...maybe you've seen something elsewhere on the internet that you think would be great here...or if you want to see things changed around (the boards aren't fixed...we've had them all kinds of ways over the years) - then please shout up with any ideas and we'll see what we can do.


Think that's it...onto 2013! :)

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I think there are a fair number of us now who couldn't imagine life without this board as a part of it, and certainly can't remember what life was like before it came along! Long may it continue. :D

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Congratulations and well done to Sal and everybody else in reaching 7 years with the board :clap: It's a GREAT milestone!


I've been on this board so much now that I can't even imagine it not being here. It's a great place to visit every chance I get to chat with people here and talk about lots of things.


So, again, congratulations to everyone involved and I hope the board will be here for many more years to come!


I also just realised that 10 days ago today marked my fifth year on the board! Time certainly does fly!

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Thanks for all your hard work over the years Sal :)


I'm proud to say I have been a member of this particular board since day one and its almost 9 years since I first joined up - time certainly flies when you are having fun!

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Congratulations! :celebrate:


I haven't been coming as often since real life got the better of me, but I do have good memories of chatting/squeeing with others about various things in the past! And it is alwayce nice to drop in and have a read when time allows. Thanks for the hard work in keeping the ship up and running :)

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Thanks to everyone who makes this place what it is. It's been more than 7 years since I joined, and have made so many good friends, and it's such a great place to come every day.


Thanks Sal. :hug:

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Congratulations and thanks for all the work over the last 7 years. I can't believe I've been here almost 8 years now.


Funny to think I became friends with one of my best friends on here and if this place didn't exist we'd have never met.

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Thanks Sal for all your hard work :)


I would also like a revival of the getting to know you forum - I remember when I joined there was something called 'Give me Five' and you had to say how these five things applied to you. I liked those threads, do you know which ones I'm talking about?


Happy Anniversary!

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:celebrate: Congratulation Everyone on making it to the 7 Year Anniversary :celebrate:


I Just happened to be reading back over some of the anniversary and Upgrade threads yesterday afternoon and it's amazing to see how far the board has come, the changes that have happened and the milestones that have been achieved over the last 7 Years.


Big thanks to Sal and the rest of the staff for running this board so well over the last 7 years you all do an amazing job!:celebrate::hug:


I can't believe that I will have been here 6 years in October, I've mades some amazing online friends durring that time and I am thankful to everyone who has come and chatted to me over the years.


As you are asking, I do have one suggestion that I have seen on another forum (I can provide a link if wanted) which I think would work really well over here.



They call it roleplay and basicaly what happens is that somebody posts a basic storyline and a list of characters and then other members request to be assigned to a particular character. That member is then responsible for controling that character inside the story I.e. they say how the character moves and what the character says.


Somebody then starts the story and another member/character reacts to what was previously posted and so on.


Just an idea, see what you think.



Once again Congratulations on 7 Years of running a very sucessful board.


Sal I hope you are feeling better now.

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A huge congratulations and thanks to Sal and all who keep the board running! celebrate.gif


Also, thanks to everyone here who make this board such a great community. It's so nice to be able to chat about so many different topics, knowing that you're surrounded by lots of welcoming and understanding people. :)


I hope you're feeling a bit better Sal, and here's to many more years of NF!

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This place is my online home, I'd feel lost without it. It's such a lovely place to come and chat with other friendly people, and I've made some great friends through the board.


Thanks so much for keeping it going Sal.

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Wahey! Can't believe it's 7 years at the new address. I'd forgotten about the board meltdown. That certainly was a stressful few days :)


Thank you Sal for everything you do to keep this community alive and happy :)

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