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We're back...all upgraded and shiny


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I like the new cleaner look- especially the banner at the top! If you make one with characters in there, no matter what people you include there's always going to be a lot of people complaining that so and so (usually their favourite character) wasn't included. This way you can avoid most of that since it just includes the houses.


I do miss the embolded text in the signatures though. That seems to have disappeared with the upgrade. :unsure:

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I'm glad this upgrade went more easily, Sal. My husband does mine on N&F and I know that it can be rough going sometimes.


Sorry to say that I don't like the banner. I think that because it's so dark it is very much 'in my face'. I'm finding the font difficult, but as I'm waiting for my new glasses, that might be the problem.


Apart from that, I like it. It's stylish and classy. Perhaps when you have time to sort out the choice of skins those who would like something more 'homely' and neighbours-ish will find what they need.



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I love thw fact that words seem to be more spread out and so therefore easier to read. Or is that just me?


I wasn't sure about the change at first but I've gotten used to it now. It looks very modern and as others have said, 'classy'. :D

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Wow! I just popped in to say hello (I'm in a French internet cafe at the mo which is confusing because the keys are all in different places ...) and was really excited to see the changes! It's looking really lovely, thanks so much for all the hard work that must have gone into it :)

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I love the new look. The colours are great and I like the style of the banner. It took me a while to see the houses, because the numbers aren't immediately clear.

Great job Sal :D

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Ahh, I've only just got back on now (the site wouldn't load since the upgrades) but I have to say it looks great, I like the new font which is used :D Very nice indeed. Thanks, aswell! :)

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:o Wow I've been away for a week so I've only just come on here and it looks so different!! I'm sure I'll get used to it but I'm in shock right now. :lol: Thanks for keeping the board tip-top, Sal. :)
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