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Our summaries archive, NeighboursEpisodes.com now holds a whopping 3500 episode summaries in total.


This includes 8 full years (so if you're a fan of 1999-2007, you've got plenty to reminisce with!), which is an absolutely astonishing achievement.


We're almost 2/3 of the way through - there's under 1900 episodes left to do.


I want to say a huge thanks to all of the contributors, to everyone who's sent in summaries and screen caps and of course, to Gaynor, who does such a brilliant job updating and maintaining the summaries archive.


Wahoo! Roll on 4000! :D

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That is a terriffic acheivement! :celebrate:


Well done and thanks to everyone who does the summaries, you all do a top job. :)

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Woo! Such a comprehensive archive, all that information at the fingertips of whoever might want to research anything from the history of the show, should they choose to look it up... ;)

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Wow! Well done all contributers and Gaynor especially! Those 5 summaries a day obviously helped for the last wee push!

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That's amazing! Well done everyone and Gaynor for doing such a fab job with the archive :celebrate: !

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Amazing - well done to Gaynor and the C-Team™* :)





*ETA: Contributor - you're all A-Team too!

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